Seven questions to ask your custom home builder, from Signature Custom Homes, custom home builder serving the greater Seattle WA area and the Pacific Northwest


As you talk to custom home builders, we want you to be an educated consumer.  Here are seven key questions (and our answers) to ask a custom home builder before you start your dream.


1.  How much customization/personalization can I do in my new home?

At Signature Custom Homes, our clients have the option of customizing as much or as little of the home as they would like.


2.  Are you a fixed-price or cost-plus builder?

We can offer both types of contracts for our clients, based on their individual requirements.


3.  Does my home come with a warranty?

Your home comes with a standard 1 year standard warranty, and a 10 year structural warranty.


4.  Do you use local subcontractors and suppliers?

All of our subcontractors are locally based and while some of our suppliers are national, we source products from the Puget Sound area whenever possible.


5.  How long is the construction process?

The building schedule varies on every project, but averages 6 months to 1 year.


6.  Can you build energy efficient homes? (Built Green, Energy Star, LEED Certified, etc.)

As a standard, Signature Custom Homes builds above the energy code requirements. We have completed Built Green certified homes, and offer the option to all of our clients.


7.  Do you have recommended contacts for architects, lenders, or interior designers?

Throughout the years, we have developed relationships with many of the premiere professionals in our industry. Therefore, we can assist our clients in finding the best members for their project team.


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